BIAFRA WE PRAY by Samuel Amazing Ayoade

I slept and had a dream
In my dream I dreamt
Of woe, the ancestors sound’d the cry

I slept and saw the ancestors
In white suites laced with cowries
Odumegwu claims the chieftaincy
Let there be Biafra we pray

My eye went heavy with tears
When it heard the cry of my fears
Sing the cries and cry the songs
For the doom of our million-worth home

Tell me of the long lost love
And tales of the weird kingmaker
And I’ll tell you the reason why-
Our ‘eternal’ abode sinks deep.

Let the death of hunger-maimed children
And the blood of sleeping heroes
Not be in vain’s vein

Biafra we pray

Let preys prey on other preys no more
Let there be Biafra we pray
Let Ojukwu’s roaming spirit whistle no more –
the whistle of war
On Indigbo’s wildest wilderness

Let this muse stammer no more
Let there be Biafra we pray.

© Samuel Amazing Ayoade (Blazing Pen)


BIAFRA by Priscillia Ugwu

Biafra! The name that sends shivers down every spine.
Are you the mortal man that challenges the gods to a combat?
Are you the reason the ancients are sobbing?
And the dead still turns in their grave
At the mention of your dreadful name?
The wailing in the abode of the spirit,
Is that not you, Biafra?
I heard you sent sucklings to war,
Toddlers you hid in your uniform,
And teenagers, guns and bombs, you gave.
The blood bath of the innocents,
The dangerous lightening that races from one end of the sky to the other in a twinkle.
Is that not also you?
I heard so many evils about you,
Are you the sporadic shots of millitants,
that boomed ceaselessly like thunder across the sky?
Does your name not set the heart of the mighty in tremor?
Are you the evil that accompanies the soundless footsteps of death?
Daylight you turned into darkness,
I was also told!
Vengeance looms and the stench of decayed blood pervades the atmosphere.
Biafra, is that you?

© Priscillia Ugwu

The Nigeria of my Dreams 2

The Nigeria of my dreams reminds me of what tomorrow would be;
Tells me I have hope in the warped nation
I can find purity in whores
And our tainted whites can be without blemish
Sparkling; white as snow
The Nigeria of my dreams is pure
They say dreams fade
But these dreams in me will fade to live and live never to fade
I see light beaming at the end of these struggles
Because there’s a God that keeps watch on us
Nigeria has a place in God’s heart
The Nigeria of my dreams chooses to live;
Chooses peace as home and love to nurture;
Happiness to nourish her well-being
She chooses to remain Ni-ge-ri-a; the pride of the world.
Celebrating 55th anniversary
©Oluwatosin Faith Kolawole

Source: The Nigeria of my dreams 2

Guilt Trip by Temi Enemigin

How enchanting are the Guilt-hills
To the melancholic lovers of nature
Whose past are decked with adventures
The present finds alluring
Gloomy tourists take a guilt-trip
To that scenic land of self-reproach
They stumble upon classified facts
Once concealed by a seared heart
With great quivering, every data is consumed
And reality, exhumed
Gloom blooms into tears
Overflowing tourists with contrition
The gory tales of yesterday has kept mouths agape
Perpetrator’s faces are plastered with shame
For redemption, aching hearts yearn
Will nemesis give mercy a chance?
© Temi Enemigin

Illumined-hearty (the new world ordeal) by Samuel Amazing Ayoade BlazingPen

These dangling beads I fear shall waste
For they are adorned on forbidden waists
Waists that waists and wastes away
By the way of Eve’s serpent.
These struggling bands of bound men
From the realm of immortal clan
With clanging cymbals clapping change
Raped Jacob’s daughter yesterday.
They run errands around the rounds
Buying possesions and rights
For the sons of the deceased
Whose father they murdered.
Marry your daughter
For suitors absconds
She robbed them and stole her dowry
And claim you both spent it.
This is the new world ordeal
And the cry of the illumined hearts
The sky weeps
For the kinsmen we died for are killing us.
© Samuel Amazing Ayoade BlazingPen