“To excel in writing, get the skills and get the craze”
– Ayoola Goodness paraphrased
Good day, my name is Samuel Amazing Ayoade, for those of you who didn’t know, Amazing is my Birth name and not a nick. That was how I worked in a place sometimes ago and this particular man would call me Amechi instead of Amazing. How dem con resemble na? Abeg, I no be Amechi o, no kari EFCC con meet me o…
Now to business. What the hell on earth is this Writer-s block being rant about?
A state in a writing career when your muse seems to desert you, when no inspiration comes. When the harder you try to write, the more you end up making no sense. When you feel you have lost your gift, you are helpless, none around you understands, the environment has stopped communicating with you. There you are, you gat it. Writer-s Block.
But do you know that you can come to subdue this demon under your feet throughout your writing career? How? By prayer and fasting. LOL. I forgot I am not here to preach the Gospel of repentance, but of career excellence. Although, the place of God cannot be neglected in man-s endeavours.
Back on point, my point is, Writer-s Block on its own does not exist, it abstract, it’s not real. Did I write It’s not real? It’s real because we make it real. It is a feeling brought about by mental fatigue from over-consistency and inferiority complex. You will notice that it occurs mostly after along period of consistent writing. Is that correct? Okay. That means it is a sign that you are expelling more than you are taking in. The craze goes, the muse dies, because you stopped feeding it.
What kills a Writer the most is staying off reading. Your muse is strengthened when you read and gather new ideas.

Sometimes ago when I had this experience, I wrote a poem titled I HAVE STOPPED WRITING. This is another way to manage Writer-s Block. Put it to shame by writing about it. It’s experimentally proven that when you openly confess a sin, you don’t tend to fall into it. It appears like am preaching again, sweet Jesus! Consider this piece:
caught up
hanging between branches
with toes stretching to tread the future
but there is no future
in this picture….
It looks more like portraying an empty idea. At the same time , it the same time it’s obvious that the Writer is in a state of confusion. You can write further:
in this mystery
is a ministry of hope
redefined, that dawn will break
when the tangles of this night are broken
Weeping, may endure, but a night
joy breaks the dawn.
I have successfully communicated hope to the hopeless while writing about my own worry of being blocked. Keep writing about it daily and you’ll be surprised that soon, other ideas to write about will flow in.

Another thing that gives you Writer-s … whatever, is this:
At times when I read some folk-s work, I feel humiliated. I mentioned inferiority complex up there. Yes, low self-esteem. But I don’t allow that to get me down, I rather work to improve on myself. I read wild and study new styles of writing. I forgot to mention that you should now stick to a particular style of writing. It’s good to give your work a,distinct voice, but explore other styles too, that’s how to keep being relevant, and not to go dry.
On the last note today. When I read Ayoola Goodness, I feel lifted, so I look out for his works to read. His style used to be clearly different from mine, but over time, I got to begin to connect to his spirits. Look out for Writers you cherish, explore their style. If you have their spirit, you’ll connect. Learn wild… Why am I even telling you this, continue enjoying Writer-s Holiday jare. And, if I see you write like me, I will…
Talk to you later.
c. 30 Nov. 2016

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THE IMPACT OF LITERATURE ON THE CONTEMPORARY SOCIETY – by Ayoola Goodness Olanrewaju @ Chrysolite Week 2016

“Literature is the breath of the soul, it is the embodiment of the imagination of the heart.” Samuel Amazing Ayoade BlazingPen
Thank you Sir Samuel Ayoade
I will like to welcome all and also to express my unreserved appreciation for this extended privilege to lead the discussion tonight. I say thank you.
Our discussion on this tonight is to serve as a reminder and also to bring up into our consciousness the whole essence of literature as we continue to exercise our intellectual qualities in this area.
To begin with, the topic we are examining is ‘The impact of Literature on the Contemporary Society and of course, we all know this is not new in the discussions in the literary world.
Literature as we all know is a mirror of life. In other words, it is considered to be a reflection of life. One major thing that we need to also understand here is that there is a deep connectivity between literature and the society. They are inseparable.
It is an avenue whereby the society heals itself from its many flaws. Of course, it is not disputable that we can also say that society has an impact on literature. What I mean by this is that, one cannot actually bring up a literature without finding such stimulus being triggered by, let us say, an event in the society.
From this, we can say literature is by a means where the activities of a society are checked to be properly positioned.
The impact of literature on the society cannot be overemphasized.Some of the impacts are in terms of entertainment (Where boredom is escaped from), education ( where illiteracy is fought into fades), didactic ( Where moral consciousness is built), provocative (where our human intellectualityand reasoning are stimulated) and a host of others.
In my own reasoning and to further on this discussion, I am of the opinion that the impact of literature on the society can be either positive or negative. This brings us to what is sieved from the literature (books and the likes) that the society consumes.
To be candid, a large number of people tend to take out on the negatives in the presentations of literature in our society of today. They are often found out given to the negative insights that are condemned in a piece of writing. Does this means that the purpose of literature is flawed? Does this means that literature has failed in its essence? Or we begin to doubt if literature is even a panacea for what is considered abnormal in the society?
For literature , in the actual sense, to have positive impacts on the society, there is need to emphasize on good literature. Of course, good literature, because nowadays there are bad literature just everywhere pulling high numbers of attractions and contending with the good. Every literature or literary creativity extended to the society must communicate truth infused with moral purpose. That is when literature can be what it is originally intended for. There is also the need for our society to get orientated on the positive effect of literature.
On a final note, through literature a society is renewed. The onus is now on us to make it a conscious and continual duty to steer more of our literary expressions and creativity toward the sustenance of sanity in the society in the areas of general life experiences and encounters, the crave for change in political orientations, the crave for the world of peace and love and in the uplift of our cultural inheritance and prestige.
Ayoola Goodness, 2016
@ Chrysolite 1st Year Anniversary, August 21, 2016

Walking On Coals by Stefn Sylvester Anyantonwu

Walkin On Coals – by Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu (Pengician)


This time I am walkin on coals

Crying out against confusion and crime

I scream against sufferings untold.

I’m walking on coals

Yet things stay same way

Same way twas left yesterday.

And I take a trip to dreamland,

I and likeminds together,

hoping the sun will burn less but tan

hoping to uplift my clan…

I have a plan

But no solution…

More confusion.


This time I am walking on coals

Seeking secretely salvation for souls

who behind me are crawling on coals

seeking for freedom

freedom from what?

-Unpleasant past.

-Childhood unknown.

-Futile future to unfold…

Will our dreams ever come true?

Will our turn for fortune ever be due?

Must the goodies of life be for the goose?

Will ever the gander get a piece of the pie?

How long shall we munch cakes in dreams alone?

Clime of crimes…

Terrible trying times…


We walk still on coals

Burnt to our soles

Burnt even to our souls.

With bare feet on the ground

Walking same rough road round and around.

Always returning to same ground

from whence we took off…

We sit and search and never stop

hoping to find

solution for the confusion in my time.

I want to know when, where and why

Truth traded truth for lies.

But I cannot condone the cries

of the weak and weary with me behind.

Confusion, deperation and frustration

cover our track.

On crimson sands

are our footprints of black.

Suffering and smiling –

Cosmetically smiling in grin white grin.

Sick and tired, no time to turn back.


We are walking on coals

Long is the road

The waether cold.

Our future as ugly as a toad.

With myopic microscopes

we view in black and white

the rich in fanthom luxoury,

the poor the in sweet agony.


I wish I were karma

I’ll bring forward the Judgement Day.

But here we must wait and wait and wait

loop on until delay

decides to dig the grave

of our opressors.

Stay strong people, stay strong!



Weak weeks



all pass by as they please.

Earth on it’s ancient axis

spinning like our aching heads…

and round and round and around we go still

Three hundred and sixty degrees

Matching on the spot-

A step forward

Three step backwards…

Progressing in retrogression.

My throat is sour

and up again is the sun

to stare yet again at our plight

with an incurable burning delight,

Whilst we run and walk and crawl

on this road that has no start nor end

on this road that has no turn

on this road that has no point

on this road that has to bend…

Straight from the start,

stretching on as we approach its assumed end.


I wish I had taken a look

at the little blue book

Mama read at dawn and noon

I wouldn’t have been on this loop

together with this mixed multitude

of North and South and East and West…

My life was almost a waste.

For now I see with eyes so clear

the reason we suffer so drear.

Together we circled this angry flare

round and around in each leap year.

Seeking solution for our confusion.

Now I know…

God bless my sould…!

I discovered the confusion

is not of our nation.

It is the state of our mind.

You hate the Eastern rising son

who sets peaceably on the West.

Disdain for the turban from the North

who left herbs for herds

to hunt for heads.

But love can exist.

Or can it be?

The truth –

it lives in you and me.

The lies can lie forever six feet

if the country that was and is

is left to be…

and all that walk on coals with me

will on their own state trust

and strip the grin white grin

of its sly Brithish sheen.


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OGUNSANYA ENITAN OLALEKAN – writer 1 / blog administrator
OKI KEHINDE JULIUS – writer 1 / media officer
MESIOYE AFFABLE JOHNSON – spoken word coordinator
TEMI ENEMIGIN – page editor
AKINBODE ISRAEL – media director
OGECHI VERONICA – vice president admin
SAMUEL AMAZING AYOADE (Blazing Pen) – president
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Goodnews Andrew Eruemare
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The Power of Punctuations – by Ezeani Attirant Chucks

“Let’s eat, Mother”
“Let’s eat Mother”
Notice how punctuation has transformed a kindhearted child to a cannibal?
– Ezeani Attirant Chucks

HOW TO WRITE A BAD POEM by Stefn Da-Pengician

Use lots of adjectives instead of verbs.
Batter SPLASHED all over the cat
Batter went all over the fluffy cat.

Write your poem in total isolation.
Don’t read contemporary poetry–after all–you don’t want to be influenced, even by the greats.

Don’t revise. Don’t bring the poem to a class, or critique group, or ask a friend. Who cares what anyone thinks, it is your poem.

Don’t read the poem aloud to see if it is finished and well rhymed. Why disturb your napping cat?

Ignore the craft of poetry–feelings don’t need images or metaphors.

Use a hackneyed one word title like “Death” or “Autumn.”

© Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu