Sermon at Camelot

Sometime later you will tread this road of repugnance.
This road robed with cloaks of medieval climes,
Where kwashiorkored-dreams are fed with morsels of nothingness,
to seek our mandate, again.
Then, you will see men watering their farmland
with sweats & blood of their aged bones yet still eating like ants.
You will see juveniles transform into walking chimneys,
producing whiffs from their nostrils behind latrines.
Lo! You will see anuses of kids being eulogized by the avid spirit of diarrhea.
Then, you will seek our mandates
with thirty pieces of silver
& we will pelt you with stones,
obloquies,diatribes, with precision,
like a martyr about to be crucified for blaspheming
against the religion of integrity.
© 2015
Ajise Vincent
1st runner-up, Chrysolite Poetry Contest (CPC-001)