Call For Submission: AFAS REVIEW

Having taken cognizance of the need to give room for widespread inclusion of creative works in our annual publication, Association of Faculty of Arts Students, University of Ibadan is delighted to announce the call for submissions for the maiden edition of AFAS Review. This deviation from the norm – a turn-away from the Image Magazine – is geared towards creating a viable platform for the integration of works by writers/artists within and outside the university community.
The following categories are open to submissions:
Prose – essays, short stories and flash fictions not exceeding 2,000 words.
Poetry – a maximum of 3 poems per submission.
Drama – a brief satire not exceeding 2,500 words.
Artworks/photographs – visuals (in high resolution) portraying nature and traditional values.
There are no fixed themes. However, entrants should endeavor to explore relevant subject-matter.
Submissions are open to writers/artists from all parts of the world.
All submissions must be original, intellectual property of the entrants.
Submissions should be accompanied with a biography (not more than 100 words) and contact details of the entrant.
All entrants must be submitted via email to afasreview@gmai with the subject – AFAS REVIEW.
Submission Deadline: 8th September, 2016
Selected entrants will receive a copy of the publication.
Kolade Olanrewaju Freedom
For: AFAS Review Committee
Akubueze Chidiebere
Director of information, AFAS.


THE IMPACT OF LITERATURE ON THE CONTEMPORARY SOCIETY – by Ayoola Goodness Olanrewaju @ Chrysolite Week 2016

“Literature is the breath of the soul, it is the embodiment of the imagination of the heart.” Samuel Amazing Ayoade BlazingPen
Thank you Sir Samuel Ayoade
I will like to welcome all and also to express my unreserved appreciation for this extended privilege to lead the discussion tonight. I say thank you.
Our discussion on this tonight is to serve as a reminder and also to bring up into our consciousness the whole essence of literature as we continue to exercise our intellectual qualities in this area.
To begin with, the topic we are examining is ‘The impact of Literature on the Contemporary Society and of course, we all know this is not new in the discussions in the literary world.
Literature as we all know is a mirror of life. In other words, it is considered to be a reflection of life. One major thing that we need to also understand here is that there is a deep connectivity between literature and the society. They are inseparable.
It is an avenue whereby the society heals itself from its many flaws. Of course, it is not disputable that we can also say that society has an impact on literature. What I mean by this is that, one cannot actually bring up a literature without finding such stimulus being triggered by, let us say, an event in the society.
From this, we can say literature is by a means where the activities of a society are checked to be properly positioned.
The impact of literature on the society cannot be overemphasized.Some of the impacts are in terms of entertainment (Where boredom is escaped from), education ( where illiteracy is fought into fades), didactic ( Where moral consciousness is built), provocative (where our human intellectualityand reasoning are stimulated) and a host of others.
In my own reasoning and to further on this discussion, I am of the opinion that the impact of literature on the society can be either positive or negative. This brings us to what is sieved from the literature (books and the likes) that the society consumes.
To be candid, a large number of people tend to take out on the negatives in the presentations of literature in our society of today. They are often found out given to the negative insights that are condemned in a piece of writing. Does this means that the purpose of literature is flawed? Does this means that literature has failed in its essence? Or we begin to doubt if literature is even a panacea for what is considered abnormal in the society?
For literature , in the actual sense, to have positive impacts on the society, there is need to emphasize on good literature. Of course, good literature, because nowadays there are bad literature just everywhere pulling high numbers of attractions and contending with the good. Every literature or literary creativity extended to the society must communicate truth infused with moral purpose. That is when literature can be what it is originally intended for. There is also the need for our society to get orientated on the positive effect of literature.
On a final note, through literature a society is renewed. The onus is now on us to make it a conscious and continual duty to steer more of our literary expressions and creativity toward the sustenance of sanity in the society in the areas of general life experiences and encounters, the crave for change in political orientations, the crave for the world of peace and love and in the uplift of our cultural inheritance and prestige.
Ayoola Goodness, 2016
@ Chrysolite 1st Year Anniversary, August 21, 2016


Chrysolite Writerz Nigeria is calling for entries on the theme “SACRIFICE” to commemorate Samuel Amazing Ayoade’s 12 Years of writing and 6 Years of Poetry.
*Submission should not be more than 2500 words.
*Send as attachment to with the subject line as CSSC001 and your short biography in the body of the mail.
*Winning entry shall be screenplayed and the winner shall co-write a play with Samuel Ayoade.
*All top 3 entries gets a 2month online publishing contract.
*Entry closes JUNE 20.

untitled by Ezeani Attirant Chucks

Man lays on hotel bed.
Fine girl leaves her house at night.
Man becomes horny on bed and dials hotel agent.
Girl walks to junction and takes taxi to inner city.
Agent leaves hotel to get one night stand for man.
Girl reaches inner city and drops from taxi.
Agent drives through inner city on a good ride.
Girl stands along the road on a skimpy skirt.
Agent sees girl, pulls over and honks.
Girl approaches ride and hops in.
Agent and girl drive to hotel.
Agent and girl stand at man’s door.
Man opens door.
Man and girl see themselves.
Man and girl freeze.
Girl is Man’s wife.