Shortest African Poem

We, the team at Chrysolite Writerz, extend our sincere greetings to our readers for a happy 2018 with the amazing gift, “Shortest African Poem” which is probably the shortest poem in the world, penned by the president of Chrysolite Writerz, the award winning Samuel Amazing Ayoade (Blazing pen).


Author Bio

Samuel Amazing Ayoade is a writer in all genres of literature, including music. He was born in the mid-90s to a missionary family. He is a lover of God and a teacher of His Word with a practical difference. He has served in several capacities to expand God’s Kingdom on earth. Some of his works have been published on websites (literary and news), anthology and magazines.  A graduate of Animal Health Technology (2017) from the Federal  College of Animal Health and Production Technology, Apata, Ibadan. He is the President of The Chrysolite Team – an art, literature and media platform operating from Nigeria. He has an acolade of awards of which the most recent is the Wordiator Poetry Flash, which he just won.

Mobile: 08141858259








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