Chrysolite Poem of the Month (January 2018)

When did you last read Shakespeare?

You’ll hear his voice in this collaborative piece of poetry which revolves round the stimulating theme of Love and Ego.


LADY of VENICE by Hanniel Mofeyintoluwa Heywhy (The Pen-Lady) & Samuel Amazing Ayoade (Blazing Pen) 🔥



Mistress, the way I lay myself on my thoughts taught me

That I have left my breath in your skin

Worn atop the surface of your left palm

And now, here am I left without the right

of affection, In my right plans…


Sire, you were the treasure I daily sought,

The one I chose amidst million others.

You got me flying like a fairy with new wings.

How do I describe the joy that lit my heart?

That for you alone it stayed alive!!!


You were the groove I never wanted to escape

And the waves I would have drowned in

Till you chose to frown away my smiles

And drown them away into distant miles beyond the shore.

I have become a ripple atop a still water



A Ruth I want not become in love sire;

My heart beat and leaps for you

Yet a fool for love I want not become.

Love is a beautiful thing they say;

But Sire say, can there be beauty

Beauty without a speck of imperfection?

You pushed aside our little world.

You fault our starry cosmos

Yet you want me to pay for your crime

A Ruth truly I am not!!!



Cast your words upon the waters

And after many days shall I find it

For “sorry” is the way weights wane

And sweet words dissolve the heart’s burdens

For you I stand at the other side of the waters

Maybe, your words will return

And you with your words return, or in-turn An echo resounds…




Here I am at the other side,

Waiting at least for a rose atop the waters

To prove, even if a bit of you remorseful.

Keep waiting as I am till dryness visit of water land.

Nothing kills our hearts faster than our pride!!!



Lady, I have lent a word of the elders

For the price of the tortoise pride

Became a shattered shell, and battered legs

And I, I have swallowed my pride for your prize

To return with this boat of love, and a lot of thornless roses

For distance is of space and not the heart

I my fullness doth void before you my Lady

Let sail us together, beyond this river



Oh my! Handsome, here bury I my pride;

For where else do I belong if not thy side?

I doth submit myself like Rebecca, unto thee Issac,

Here I am to water thy feet and thy cattle…

I throw now my pride into the ocean to forever travel;

the journey of no return.

Now I say, let bury us our ego

With the language our lips speaks better,

My Lord, so say I ‘Sorry’, on bended knees…


© January 2018



Posted by Indunil Madhusankha


Shortest African Poem

We, the team at Chrysolite Writerz, extend our sincere greetings to our readers for a happy 2018 with the amazing gift, “Shortest African Poem” which is probably the shortest poem in the world, penned by the president of Chrysolite Writerz, the award winning Samuel Amazing Ayoade (Blazing pen).


Author Bio

Samuel Amazing Ayoade is a writer in all genres of literature, including music. He was born in the mid-90s to a missionary family. He is a lover of God and a teacher of His Word with a practical difference. He has served in several capacities to expand God’s Kingdom on earth. Some of his works have been published on websites (literary and news), anthology and magazines.  A graduate of Animal Health Technology (2017) from the Federal  College of Animal Health and Production Technology, Apata, Ibadan. He is the President of The Chrysolite Team – an art, literature and media platform operating from Nigeria. He has an acolade of awards of which the most recent is the Wordiator Poetry Flash, which he just won.

Mobile: 08141858259