Chrysolite Poem of the Month (December 2017)

Peace and Pieces by Samuel Amazing Ayoade BlazingPen


(of truth, of justice)

Salam alay’qum. Peace be unto you. Peace

Is the way to start a noble war, standing upon a rosary…


Wear yourself into the body of a beggar, or a hungry lad

seeking solace in the cover of another human’s belongings

(A human like you but with four feet, a tail and furs)

That is the way to tear your body into pieces

Hurtful pieces. A food for flies. A drink for dogs

That is the way to become a victim of the words of the ‘gods’

that divide the body and the soul, bones and marrows…

Another way to die, is to swallow the pride of an abuse, protest

and cry yourself into a justifiable end, or become the prayer of a cheated orphan

Pleading for justice and solace before ‘men in black’

And watch your soul being searched out of your body by the guns of uniformed men

(Humans like you but with four feet, a tail and furs)


Here are the pieces of some child…

I loved to sing lullabies to tinge the ears of cradles

Until a boy soaked himself in his own blood

with heaven in his mouth. He swallowed heaven:

A kind of heaven resting on a white stick – a lollipop

A lullaby… Something else… Then a lollipop

Another stray girl-child on the street of Agege, confused

Heaven entered her ears, Paradise in her mouth but

the feeling of the ‘other parts’ were hell. Hell and a lake of fire

She lost her way because some humans like you strayed her

with a lullaby… Something else… And a lollipop

Yet, these men swam their way out of a toothless justice route

Today, I grow myself into an envoy of peaceless Peace. Or pieces

…In between…

I found another man in the middle of this injustice

(A human like you but with four feet, a tail and furs)

who lived between heaven and earth in peace… And stolen pieces

The way to wear a crown of a noble, or become a god:

Throwing himself into the consignment of a king, with no assignment

Wears the skin of a noble steward with glossy lips of fat lies, no assessment

farts through his mouth, drinks the dividends of the subjects, no investment

Like worms. Termites. He terminates wealth in Rocks, in woods… Masses harassment

But he became a brother in the hood, for sucking blood as refreshment

This type of justice has no tooth, I am lost. Find me… I. Am. Lost. Lost is my name


This is the way to crush a kingdom, or terminate a dynasty

Eat your subjects and grow. Grow your cancerous groins into animals in ‘agbada’

Wear the wig of injustice and strike the gavel of corruption


Having done all. Sleep. Rest in Peace and your dear nation

In pitiable pieces… You have done well.


Author Bio

Samuel Amazing Ayoade is a writer in all genres of literature, including music. He was born in the mid-90s to a missionary family. He is a lover of God and a teacher of His Word with a practical difference. He has served in several capacities to expand God’s Kingdom on earth. Some of his works have been published on websites (literary and news), anthology and magazines.  A graduate of Animal Health Technology (2017) from the Federal  College of Animal Health and Production Technology, Apata, Ibadan. He is the President of The Chrysolite Team – an art, literature and media platform operating from Nigeria. He has an acolade of awards of which the most recent is the Wordiator Poetry Flash, which he just won.

Mobile: 08141858259




Posted by Indunil Madhusankha


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