Amidst the great rejoicing of the festive season, the team at Chrysolite Writerz is excited to announce the news of our latest project, THE CHRYSOLITE CHRISTMAS ANTHOLOGY (Editor-in-Chief: Samuel Amazing Ayoade, Co-Editor: Indunil Madhusankha). We are on a search for Christmas poetry which are packed with sharp imagery and profound meaning for possible consideration to be published in this upcoming poetry anthology. There is no specified limit to the number of lines of an entry, and you are encouraged to send as many pieces as you wish. Forward all your submissions with your personal details and author bio to the Editor-in-Chief, Samuel Amazing Ayoade as a Facebook message on or before the 24th of December 2017. You will be notified personally if your piece(s) are accepted into the anthology, once the review process comes to an end. For any queries regarding the submissions, you may contact the Editor-in-Chief via Facebook. We eagerly look forward to reading your wonderful Christmas poems.


With season’s greetings,

Indunil Madhusankha,

Editor – The Chrysolite Team/ Co-Editor – THE CHRYSOLITE CHRISTMAS ANTHOLOGY.


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