QUIENCE – by Samuel Amazing Ayoade

quience (this is still not the longest poem)
this silence is a symphony of death.
we dance to pledge allegiance to its sung dirge
of a frustrated future and castrated present
present in the heart
of this silence.
this silence is a reflexive response
to the stimulus that pricked adam’s heart
when there was no ecclipse
and the sun sat upon the seas
busy feasting on the forbidden fruit
we all took part in adam’s apple
we are all a part
of this silence
this silence, is a symphony of death.
this silence is a canker worm
hitting the liver of every muse with fever
this silence silences sirenes
and the cord of every discord
this quience is in your tongue, my tongue, your
on the day you endorsed silence
in the stead of bubblings
casting off our uniqueness off my thumb
silence is changed, change is silenced
this silence is the echo in the marks of our
quience is the absence of sun, moon and stars
the seven heaven and the planets
quience is the dissolution of monuments and
stones –
the eviction and extinction of heaven and hell
this silence is not tangible
this quience exists only in our hearts.
quience iii
quience is the reverberations of our heart in its
cased caseine
it is the echo from the verbal chimneys of denied
denied the free gift of living
a minute quience for the souls of darkness
this is silence in the quience of my room –
a licence to exanguish nonsence for hi-sense
nonentity for a great entity, an identity of integrity
the ‘lord’ is in his holy temple beyond ‘the rock’
let all earth be ‘quiet!’ before him
dare you question his crazy ‘auto’rity?
this is the silence that flows in our veins
it is the veination on the tree that nailed our
quience is the shackle around our wrist
the struggle within the soul of our sole
whenever we are chained by the discretion of our
our brain, our thoughts, tongue and thumb
i am silent, you are quiet
we dwell in quience
and we are the silence
this quience only exists in our hearts –
a reverberation of our cased heart
– Samuel Amazing Ayoade BlazingPen


ecclipse I – Samuel Amazing Ayoade

ecclesiastical lights
the soul
of our laden
hearts that wear chains
and the soul that share
shame, stains, the regrets of saints
from saintly tongues that stammer, stagger
feets and hands are cold, on hold
and buttocks on deck, on desk celebrate
this ecclipsical silence

this ecclipsical silence –
a state of our heart.
– Samuel Amazing Ayoade BlazingPen

SALAM ALAY’QUM – by Samuel Amazing Ayoade

Salam holds a glittering sword in his right
And a well sharpened matchete in his left
He cries for war in the nooks of every crannies
Roaring on our streets and panting for blood
With speeches decorated with tricks and cunnies
Salam Alay’kum, Salam Alay’kum, I have seen peace cry for war.
Salam wears a scary mask of threat
Feigning a smile behind a scary face
Throwing the metro into pandemonium
As cars jostle and run into one-and-other
As they try to hide theirselves outside the dark vacuum of peace
But, then came the kaboom of guns
From the marveling rifle in Salaam’s hands
I have heard men say,
“Salam Alay’kum, Peace Be Unto You”
But I have seen peace thirst for blood.
Salam errands for gods that suck blood
His reward lies in the bleeding souls of men
His delight is not in rams and goats
But in the bleeding throats of man
Presented to vultures in a dish of putrefying odour
Upon a large expanse of blood thirsty land
Salam professes peace with his mouth
But hold a sword to our neck
Salam Alay’kum! Tell Salam to keep his peace
For we all hate peace with passion.
– Samuel Amazing Ayoade BlazingPen

Call For Submission: AFAS REVIEW

Having taken cognizance of the need to give room for widespread inclusion of creative works in our annual publication, Association of Faculty of Arts Students, University of Ibadan is delighted to announce the call for submissions for the maiden edition of AFAS Review. This deviation from the norm – a turn-away from the Image Magazine – is geared towards creating a viable platform for the integration of works by writers/artists within and outside the university community.
The following categories are open to submissions:
Prose – essays, short stories and flash fictions not exceeding 2,000 words.
Poetry – a maximum of 3 poems per submission.
Drama – a brief satire not exceeding 2,500 words.
Artworks/photographs – visuals (in high resolution) portraying nature and traditional values.
There are no fixed themes. However, entrants should endeavor to explore relevant subject-matter.
Submissions are open to writers/artists from all parts of the world.
All submissions must be original, intellectual property of the entrants.
Submissions should be accompanied with a biography (not more than 100 words) and contact details of the entrant.
All entrants must be submitted via email to afasreview@gmai l.com with the subject – AFAS REVIEW.
Submission Deadline: 8th September, 2016
Selected entrants will receive a copy of the publication.
Kolade Olanrewaju Freedom
For: AFAS Review Committee
Akubueze Chidiebere
Director of information, AFAS.