ogechi writer of the yearOgechi Veronica Ukwu is a young lady who hails from Arochukwu in Abia State, Nigeria. She is so obsessed with the love of poetry. A poem writer who believes she is the change the world needs. Her hobbies are singing, writing poems, articles and reading novels and motivational books. She is a writer and Vice President at Chrysolite Writerz, Nigeria (chrysolitewriterz.wordpress.com)

Facebook User I.D: http://www.facebook.com/ogebest04
Mobile number: 08062722748.

She came the 3rd in the CBPC-001 with her 4th place winning poem ‘Beyond the Invisible.’ 2nd in CBPC 003 and finally won the award of the Chrysolite Writer of the Year 2016 with the following Master-Piece taking a edge above Oki Kehinde Julius:

Sleepless Nights
The rain of heaviness
Sown together like stitches
The seams of anxiety
Quiet walls
Hoots of crickets
Boredom,bed doom
Night crawls in steathily
The golden lamp of heaven is on exile
Night calls
Eye sucks
Bountiful baskets of misery is here again
Stealing from this eyelids kisses
The gold in my safe locket is gone
Walls and stalls
Echoes and renaissance of turmoils
Oh!Charming dreamland
I beseech thee still
Seduce this night
My eyes to dance to the rhythm of your pleasurable caresses
Cage my weakness with thy strength
Lay me still
Like a captured lover
From horrors of darkness
Kisses of sorrow and pain
Traded in barter,a rest ruby from my fragile soul
Now and then, I roll
To and fro
The four cardinals revolve through my brain
These tyres are worn out
Yet no retirement
Now i join the gate keepers
And watch as the night chameleons into day
I sit not as a guard in the gates
But on the bed of thistles and thorns
To recount my tale of woe till daybreak
Sleep has resigned from my tent
Into tens of turbulent rivers of troubles
Sleep is a prisoner rotating this visual walls
The tickling of clocks
The day is here, in bundle i pick my baggage to fetch our butter.

© 2016
Ogechi Veronica


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