WE WORSHIP ONE GOD – by Oki Kehinde Julius

I saw God on the holy pulpit,
Preaching sermon with the epistles of quran and “opon ifa”.
I saw him placating kolanut in the sacred shrines of the deities,
Putting on white collared cassock with a seraphic loin.
I saw God on the junction of esu — the master of cross roads,
Lightning candles, on the candle stand that metaphored seven heavens.
I saw ogun with sango, chanting above the everest mountain of their voices,
Holy! holy! holy! to the king of host.
I saw God sitting inside the holy of holies,
Dieting on the calabash sacrifice of: pap, egg and oil.
I saw him breaking the full moon fast of ramadan,
With the last supper’s bread and wine of holy communion.
I saw God acting the character of Allah,
On the theatre stage of the quran.
I heard him calling Jesus his only son —prophet Isa
And her virgin mother —Mariam.
I saw Abraham giving Ibrahim the sacred knife of “ileya”,
To chop off Yaqub’s neck for sacrifice.
I saw Joseph dreaming the mare name of Yusuf
And Musa stammering like the stammer Moses.
God who gave birth to his son at nazareth,
Also procreated Muhammad on the maternity bed of mecca.
At Ile-ife, he threw down Oduduwa and Orunmila,
Bearing the name of: God, Allah and Olodumare.
Tell all religious’ fanatics,
To lay their body voluntarily, on the patient bed of the psychiatric;
For all fanatics —are lunatics!
One God! one idol! we worship,
Only our shrine of worship, gave us a tribal mark of difference.
– Oki Kehinde Julius (Winner, CBPC 004, July 2016)


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