ONE MAN, ONE GOD – by Ebi Robert

Is there not but one God
Who in his brightest light created the world?
Is there not but one man
Who in dark light, darkly ran?
Art thou a shaolin monk,
Whose bare-head is good for the knock?
Art thou a sound sheik
Who seek for the crescent to check?
Art thou a rugged Rastafarian
Who pays obeisance more than an Ethiopian?
Art thou a healthy Herbalist,
Who hates to be treated as the least?
We may claim ‘the best servant’
Because we feel we ain’t the last.
We may claim we are the master,
Who can turn God’s ear faster.
Whether we are or may,
We all deserve to see the day,
Whether the shaolin is the monk,
We all have a head that can be knocked.
Like the stars in the sky,
Like the sands in the ocean,
All men are covered by the sky,
And none is born slave in a chain.
So, let the moon kiss the cross,
And left to be judged by the BOSS.
– Ebi Robert (2nd Place Winner, CBPC 004, July 2016)


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