When bloody whip of hate flies
From the mighty hands of religion,
To tear this love apart
-To the mountain
We shall go.
I will call you brother
With nothing to bother.
We shall speak one language
Without chains of religion’s bondage.
On this mountain,
The jew will pray in their convent
While the monk quotes his koran.
When the imans sing to their hynms,
The nun will dance beautifully in her hijab.
On this mountain,
Will shall drink not The leak-wars of hate.
Each man shall chew a peace of kolanut.
Like blacksmith
we shall forge;
Sword to ploughsheares
Speares to prunningsheares.
On this mountain,
I will not look for your gods.
We shall surely seek the one spreading a banquet,
On whose lip, the fruit of love lay.
His tent will weave our heart in one.
– Caleb Asset (3rd Place Winning Entry, CBPC 004, July 2016)