THESE WORDS by Samuel Amazing Ayoade BlazingPen

These words are glues for binding of broken spirits,

They are monomers of polymerized unity in a stratosphere of contempt

And the discord that drenched the apple of Adam in severance

Claiming the lives of progenies of generations of unborn children

In the atrophied uterus of Eve;

But these words are spirit and life to the dead cells of Abel’s throat.

These words were spoken before your fathers were born

Of death and the recompense of the evil done

To Zechariah, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Uriah

In the place of silent struggle,

In deep mires and the face of the sword’s toggle,

Death in ‘quience’ behind bars and strokes of metals;

But these words, are life to the dieng souls of mortals.

These words indeed shall become fattened flesh

Of a great army from the valleyed valleys of dried bones

On the day when dreams turn true in reality’s reality

And sons and daughters metamorphosize into fathers and mothers

In the face of their foes with fetters of murder

For these words are X-rated pictography

Foundationed for mature minds on the screen of pun-o-graphy

Revealing the nakedness of the pictured future in a cinematography

And separating fears and faith on a chromatograph of hope

Performed in a choreography of…

These words are spirit and life

These words can raise the dead.

Foot Note:
Quience: nominalized noun from Quiet


© Samuel Amazing Ayoade (blazing_pen)


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