Keep The Pen Dancing – by Oki Kehinde Julius (for BlazingPen @12)

Vibration soar deep,in my inner ear,
Echoeing,a nibly voice,as clear as the crystalline,
Rococheting,the ossicles,of the ear drum,
Against the elastic cartilage,of the stirrup.
Impulsing audibly,to my sense of hearing,
Chanting to me,Son of Man”KEEP THE PEN DANCING”
Keep in Your hand,the pen dancing,
In suiting the music and melody of Humanity,
Keep on writing,
To the Unvulgar and to the Naughty.
Pen in Your hand,
Is Like the sword,in scabbard,
Your hand,with pen on paper,
Is like,a hand that pull a Trigger.
Clay,to the potters,they mould,
Ink to Your pen,You vouch.
Let the Pen,keep on dancing,
Dancing to the tune,of its holder,inspiration.
As the forest tree,danced gorgeously,
To the tunnel and wave,of the wind adhesion.
Keep in Your hand,the pen dancing,
Dancing Yahooze,Samba and Kathak.
With Your muse,singing,treble and tenor,
When the impulse,is hitting his stick,on your drum.
Get a grip,on Your Pen,
When the Acumen,is bearing,
It’s soul,to Your head.
To unveil,the cabalistic mysteries,
Your pen,has to keep on dancing,
You got a pen,which is Amazing,
To cast a die,on puzzle which is baffling.
Keep putting pen,on paper,
Like those,putting money in Pajasper,
Be addicted to Prose,
Like the Snuffers of Tocco,
Let poetry,sing You the Solo,
With Your pen,acting on paper,the Drama.
Keep on Penning,
To the,Gentiles and to the Apostle,
Write them often,unstinting Epistles,
Inform them,the second Adam coming,is Looming.
For Your soul,has been given the inspiration,
Afraid not,to also get,the discrimination,
Your manuscript,is a blessing in disguise,
Which Critics,will beg for,in Subsequence.
Hypocrites,will regard your pen,
As a hungry Dog,which barks,
Take back not,Your sword,into the sheath,
Until,You and Your pen,cut the mustard.
For You already,got the gun,
To murder folks,bragging You,on the floor,
Pen in Your hand,is mightier than sword,
Word alone,is enough,to shed down,their blood.
As a Cyclist,have to keep on moving,
To keep tight,his balance,
So also,Writers have to keep on writing,
Till,the pen made You a Super Star,
Even,after the novice,had left your building,
You still have to keep in Your hand,THE PEN DANCING.


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