ogechi writer of the yearOgechi Veronica Ukwu is a young lady who hails from Arochukwu in Abia State, Nigeria. She is so obsessed with the love of poetry. A poem writer who believes she is the change the world needs. Her hobbies are singing, writing poems, articles and reading novels and motivational books. She is a writer and Vice President at Chrysolite Writerz, Nigeria (chrysolitewriterz.wordpress.com)

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Mobile number: 08062722748.

She came the 3rd in the CBPC-001 with her 4th place winning poem ‘Beyond the Invisible.’ 2nd in CBPC 003 and finally won the award of the Chrysolite Writer of the Year 2016 with the following Master-Piece taking a edge above Oki Kehinde Julius:

Sleepless Nights
The rain of heaviness
Sown together like stitches
The seams of anxiety
Quiet walls
Hoots of crickets
Boredom,bed doom
Night crawls in steathily
The golden lamp of heaven is on exile
Night calls
Eye sucks
Bountiful baskets of misery is here again
Stealing from this eyelids kisses
The gold in my safe locket is gone
Walls and stalls
Echoes and renaissance of turmoils
Oh!Charming dreamland
I beseech thee still
Seduce this night
My eyes to dance to the rhythm of your pleasurable caresses
Cage my weakness with thy strength
Lay me still
Like a captured lover
From horrors of darkness
Kisses of sorrow and pain
Traded in barter,a rest ruby from my fragile soul
Now and then, I roll
To and fro
The four cardinals revolve through my brain
These tyres are worn out
Yet no retirement
Now i join the gate keepers
And watch as the night chameleons into day
I sit not as a guard in the gates
But on the bed of thistles and thorns
To recount my tale of woe till daybreak
Sleep has resigned from my tent
Into tens of turbulent rivers of troubles
Sleep is a prisoner rotating this visual walls
The tickling of clocks
The day is here, in bundle i pick my baggage to fetch our butter.

© 2016
Ogechi Veronica


THE IMPACT OF LITERATURE ON THE CONTEMPORARY SOCIETY – by Ayoola Goodness Olanrewaju @ Chrysolite Week 2016

“Literature is the breath of the soul, it is the embodiment of the imagination of the heart.” Samuel Amazing Ayoade BlazingPen
Thank you Sir Samuel Ayoade
I will like to welcome all and also to express my unreserved appreciation for this extended privilege to lead the discussion tonight. I say thank you.
Our discussion on this tonight is to serve as a reminder and also to bring up into our consciousness the whole essence of literature as we continue to exercise our intellectual qualities in this area.
To begin with, the topic we are examining is ‘The impact of Literature on the Contemporary Society and of course, we all know this is not new in the discussions in the literary world.
Literature as we all know is a mirror of life. In other words, it is considered to be a reflection of life. One major thing that we need to also understand here is that there is a deep connectivity between literature and the society. They are inseparable.
It is an avenue whereby the society heals itself from its many flaws. Of course, it is not disputable that we can also say that society has an impact on literature. What I mean by this is that, one cannot actually bring up a literature without finding such stimulus being triggered by, let us say, an event in the society.
From this, we can say literature is by a means where the activities of a society are checked to be properly positioned.
The impact of literature on the society cannot be overemphasized.Some of the impacts are in terms of entertainment (Where boredom is escaped from), education ( where illiteracy is fought into fades), didactic ( Where moral consciousness is built), provocative (where our human intellectualityand reasoning are stimulated) and a host of others.
In my own reasoning and to further on this discussion, I am of the opinion that the impact of literature on the society can be either positive or negative. This brings us to what is sieved from the literature (books and the likes) that the society consumes.
To be candid, a large number of people tend to take out on the negatives in the presentations of literature in our society of today. They are often found out given to the negative insights that are condemned in a piece of writing. Does this means that the purpose of literature is flawed? Does this means that literature has failed in its essence? Or we begin to doubt if literature is even a panacea for what is considered abnormal in the society?
For literature , in the actual sense, to have positive impacts on the society, there is need to emphasize on good literature. Of course, good literature, because nowadays there are bad literature just everywhere pulling high numbers of attractions and contending with the good. Every literature or literary creativity extended to the society must communicate truth infused with moral purpose. That is when literature can be what it is originally intended for. There is also the need for our society to get orientated on the positive effect of literature.
On a final note, through literature a society is renewed. The onus is now on us to make it a conscious and continual duty to steer more of our literary expressions and creativity toward the sustenance of sanity in the society in the areas of general life experiences and encounters, the crave for change in political orientations, the crave for the world of peace and love and in the uplift of our cultural inheritance and prestige.
Ayoola Goodness, 2016
@ Chrysolite 1st Year Anniversary, August 21, 2016

Call For Submission: Okilux Poetry Contest

Chrysolite Writerz Nigeria calls for wordy lines to celebrate Oki Kehinde Julius Birthday…
Theme: This Day
Length: 50 Lines Maximum
Open: 12th August, 2016
Close: 25th August, 2016
Entrants Are To Send One Poem To chrysowrite@gmail.com With The Subject As ‘Okilux’…
Prize: Airtime Voucher
Sponsor: Oki Kehinde Julius
Samuel Amazing Ayoade BlazingPen
Chrysolite Writerz, Nigeria

I Have No Past – by Samuel Amazing Ayoade BlazingPen

I Have No Past
Yesteryear’s memories are blanc
but I knew I was born
neither how grew I
from neonate of vulnerability
to a miserable wretched I was
but I knew I grew anyhow
from a non-existent past
scarecrows – as tho they did not exist –
tend to draw me back to the vomit
to eat the flesh of my dead self
and wallow in the ditch of my excreta
I discovered
I have no past.
– Samuel Amazing Ayoade BlazingPen
#poemstration 113

WE WORSHIP ONE GOD – by Oki Kehinde Julius

I saw God on the holy pulpit,
Preaching sermon with the epistles of quran and “opon ifa”.
I saw him placating kolanut in the sacred shrines of the deities,
Putting on white collared cassock with a seraphic loin.
I saw God on the junction of esu — the master of cross roads,
Lightning candles, on the candle stand that metaphored seven heavens.
I saw ogun with sango, chanting above the everest mountain of their voices,
Holy! holy! holy! to the king of host.
I saw God sitting inside the holy of holies,
Dieting on the calabash sacrifice of: pap, egg and oil.
I saw him breaking the full moon fast of ramadan,
With the last supper’s bread and wine of holy communion.
I saw God acting the character of Allah,
On the theatre stage of the quran.
I heard him calling Jesus his only son —prophet Isa
And her virgin mother —Mariam.
I saw Abraham giving Ibrahim the sacred knife of “ileya”,
To chop off Yaqub’s neck for sacrifice.
I saw Joseph dreaming the mare name of Yusuf
And Musa stammering like the stammer Moses.
God who gave birth to his son at nazareth,
Also procreated Muhammad on the maternity bed of mecca.
At Ile-ife, he threw down Oduduwa and Orunmila,
Bearing the name of: God, Allah and Olodumare.
Tell all religious’ fanatics,
To lay their body voluntarily, on the patient bed of the psychiatric;
For all fanatics —are lunatics!
One God! one idol! we worship,
Only our shrine of worship, gave us a tribal mark of difference.
– Oki Kehinde Julius (Winner, CBPC 004, July 2016)

ONE MAN, ONE GOD – by Ebi Robert

Is there not but one God
Who in his brightest light created the world?
Is there not but one man
Who in dark light, darkly ran?
Art thou a shaolin monk,
Whose bare-head is good for the knock?
Art thou a sound sheik
Who seek for the crescent to check?
Art thou a rugged Rastafarian
Who pays obeisance more than an Ethiopian?
Art thou a healthy Herbalist,
Who hates to be treated as the least?
We may claim ‘the best servant’
Because we feel we ain’t the last.
We may claim we are the master,
Who can turn God’s ear faster.
Whether we are or may,
We all deserve to see the day,
Whether the shaolin is the monk,
We all have a head that can be knocked.
Like the stars in the sky,
Like the sands in the ocean,
All men are covered by the sky,
And none is born slave in a chain.
So, let the moon kiss the cross,
And left to be judged by the BOSS.
– Ebi Robert (2nd Place Winner, CBPC 004, July 2016)

Chrysolite Bimontly Poetry Contest (CBPC 004) RESULT

1. Winner – Oki Kehinde Julius – We Worship One God – 94.3%
2. 2nd Place – Ebi Robert – One Man, One God – 93.3%
3. 3rd Place – Caleb Asset – On This Mountain – 85.8%
4. Okesola Toyin Mary – We Have A God – 82.5%
5. Akwu Sunday Victor – Seeds Of Love – 81.7%
6. Lekan Malik – God I Need An Answer – 78.3%
Samuel Amazing Ayoade BlazingPen
President, Chrysolite Writerz, Nigeria.