I HAVE STOPPED WRITING by Samuel Amazing Ayoade BlazingPen

imagesWriters don’t die, they live eternal

Poets too are prophets, whose words are hefty

Three thousand years, and I’ll still be here

So open your ears, and take heed to what you hear

For till then, I have stopped writing.


On that day, there shall be shakings

And these words, flesh shall become, to dwell among you

These words, justice shall bring, to humankind

When swords, blood shall drain till tiredness

And I, that day shall remind you, that I said these words.
When you, at death stare, watching him die
And spears, rattles and arrows, to the earth bow

As they, the might of this pen salute

When the earth, an haven becomes, of peaceful rest

On that day, remembrance shall remind you, that I said these words.

When these things, in your minds happen, and thoughts sharpen

On that day; that three thousand years clock, and struck

You shall God see, on that day, tread upon these paths I tread

“Write us more,” you’ll cry, “For God spoke those words”

But the carcass of my Immortality shall say, “I have stopped writing.”

(C) Samuel Amazing Ayoade BlazingPen