Why I should keep quiet
I still don’t get it.
For the navels of neonates have been infected
With the endemic disease of poverty
But Pastor said last Lord’s day
“All is well, all is well”
Sir, even in the well.
Why should I not speak
When hell lives in our living
For Fathers no longer could afford daily bread
And we sit here leg-crossed
Waiting for heaven to cruise
Or fall to advocate for us
“All is well, even in the well.”
Why should I even speak?
When our legislators are bewitched
And the judiciary and the palace chiefs too submit to bribe.
Why should I lament when our pavements are turned cemetry
By the builders of our our nation;
I support the motion:

“Let us all keep quiet and sit calm
Watching our manhood severed
Off the downside of our abdomen.”
Ijapa, the wise prince taught us so.
– Samuel Amazing Ayoade BlazingPen


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