CALL FOR SUBMISSION – CBPC004 (final saga)

*Chrysolite Bi-Monthly
Poetry Contest (CBPC 4.0)
The Chrysolite Writerz Team
is calling for entries for her
Bi-Monthly Poetry Contest. The fourth edition to commemorate BlazingPen’s 12th year of Penning and 6th year of poeting.
Submission Guidelines:
1. The poem must be the
original work of the entrant.
2. Each poem must not
exceed 30 lines.
3. Entrant should include
name, mobile number,
facebook user id. and short
4. Entry closes 12:00am on
July 6.
5. Submit ONLY ONE poem
on the theme: ONE GOD, ONE MAN (addressing religious tolerance and peaceful co-existence) as BODY OF MAIL
with the SUBJECT of the mail
as ‘CBPC004’. No attachment
The works of the first three
poets gets published on the ‘s blog and
facebook page
While the 1st 10 poems get
published in a forthcoming
anthology. Also, the first two
poets for each edition gets a
certificate each.
Chrysolite… ART in heART…!
©May, 2016
Samuel Amazing Ayoade BlazingPen


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