MARIA I by Samuel Amazing Ayoade BlazingPen

beauty-portrait-girl-greyscale-1920x1080I will pronounce your name, Maria

I will pronounce you

Upon the hills of lebanon

down the straits of Gibratah

Upon the hills of Kigali

Down the subsaharan arids

Even in the face of Agatu’s sword

I will stand and stride an horse

And declare your name, Maria.

You are fair

Fairer than angels

Lucifer is jealous

That the beautiful ones

Are finally born.

Your smile

Is a toxin

Sending cold warmth

Down the spine of the gods

Whose heart skip

The skippings of deers

On the hills of Rwanda.

Listen to the voice in this voicelessness

And the mime of words unspoken

And the echoes of unsaid words

Which are all encoded

In this unwritten scroll

As I pronounce your name, Maria.

I will pronounce you.

© Samuel Amazing Ayoade BlazingPen (Chrysolite Writer)


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