Bloody Bath by Ogechi Veronica (2nd position, CBPC 003)

Against nature and mother earth
Our actions replay
This clash of interest
On this market place, we began the crusade
Proclaiming unity in diversity

Bring forth your strong reasons
Convince me, Mohammed
Convince me, dear preacherman
These gods which is supreme?
We are, you are; all in one, the war we began.

The broken line runs across my face
Across the streets
I heard the sounds of machetes, guns and bombs
This wall which blinds all together, keeps us apart
Like predators, we maimed, tooth for tooth, eye for eye, the blood bath

Skulls and broken bones of men, the residues of strife
Horror and eerie darkness fell upon the earth
Tell me!
Is this the peaceful abode, we once lived in?
What good is it to avenge the course of a supreme being?

Intolerance, you are the nightmare of every dark path
The seams sown on the page of this combat
Fanning the fiery flames of discord
Set the spear in action
Let the earth open wide its mouth, for yet another season of mutual suicide.




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