Okigbo Sent Words by Samuel Ayoade and Oki Kehinde Julius

Okigbo sent words to your majesty
From the royal clan of Igbo Kwenu of the world yonder
We seek change and not amnesty
I, Okigbo sent these words.

Concentration leaks gradually into oceans of doubts
For side attractions and static renumerations
Is the same tempest that rocked this still sinking boat
When I, Okigbo was here.

Sai baba! Forget not the spilled blood of sacrificial lambs
And loyal pledges and chants of innocent comrades
That rent the heart of the earth: Sai Baba!
I, Okigbo heard their hearts

Sai Baba! Remember the hell you promised on that day
To sentence corrupt leaders to exhiles beyond the bay
And the paradise of green pasture
you swore by the greyness of your head
I, Okigbo wrote down your promises with the stencil of ‘ternity.

Sai Baba! Sail today, we pray thee
Tho we believe the slow pace of a tiger is not cowardice
Yet, our desire is not in the drawing pace of a snail
I, Okigbo watches your steps.

“Okigbo Sent Words” is a poem written by Poet Samuel Ayoade Wordiator
and reviewed and analysed by Oki Kehinde Julius.
The poem is a satirical poem written to correct and wake our weak
tired government from their blunders and slumbers. This is a poem that
removes the sarp covering the president eye and a poem that whispers
the melody of rememberance to his hacken ears to fulfil the promises
and mandate he had vowed during the election.
Okigbo was used in the poem as a traditional town criers, sent to
deliver to the king a protest message, with his stick and wailing
The first line of the poem warns the elected president, never to
forget the “spilled blood of sacrificial lamb” The writer made used of
the word ‘Lamb’ here, as  those innocent souls insurgency had sent to
their early grave. This line lingers our heart back to the memory of
how the president had promised to put an end to the boko haram sect
and all others liquidators on our soil.
“Sail Baba, remember the hell you promised on that day to sentence
corrupt leaders to exiles beyond the bay” (1st line, 4th stanzar).
This line speaks about the looters of our father’s land who have been
toe stealing the nation’s treasure into their shallow pockets. This is
one of the promises that won the heart of the empires to vote  him in,
because they believe when he emerged as a military man, He’ll jail all
those pig clothed in sheep attairs to cut the government grass with a
short nicker. All this promises, Okigbo wrote them down with a
‘stencil of ternity’
The last stanzars showered the president with a splashing water of
appraise saying “Tho we believe the slow pace of a tiger is not a
cowardice, but a calculative accuracy” Every Nigerians even the foetus
knows that the president was very slow in executing policies and
obligaions . Still, the poem gave us an omen of hope that our
desirable result is not in the drawing sluggish pace of a snail.
The diction was well used all along with the poetry devices.
Figures of speech used are-Irony, metaphor, hyperbole and personification.
Freeverse 5 stanzars.
This is a great poem by all standard and there is no doubt that this
is one of Samuel Ayoade most studied.


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