ZOMBIE STREETS V by Samuel Amazing Ayoade #BlazingPen

Fright and terror takes their seats on the throne of our heart
with a place of fire producing farenheits of heat
burning slowly our cold melting heat of wax
breakiong through auricles and ventricles
Blood spill on dark sheets of coaltar
that lay useless on our stark barren roads
those that leads to fruitless seaports
that never welcomed the ships of Tarshish
Men pile upon men as they breath their last prayers
they stay mute, awaiting a saviour
Boom! Boom! Went the assaulting sound again
None could open ‘its’ eye to see it
nor measure the pitch of the next booms.
On these streets; men die the death of goats
and monsters live the life of men.
Samuel Amazing Ayoade #BlazingPen


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