Interview with the Poet of the Month-FEBRUARY: Akinbode Oluwatobi Israel

Akinbode Israel

Akinbode Oluwatobi Israel, is a growing poet, singer and a teacher of
God’s word. A graduate of Chemistry from the University of Ilorin,
Ilorin, Kwara state, Nigeria. He hails from Ipokia local government,
in Ogun state. He loves to write in simplicity to influence this
complex world of ours.

INTERVIEWER: Oki Kehinde Julius

OKI: How would you like to describe yourself?
AIO: I am Akinbode Israel, a poet, singer and a teacher of God’s
words. Popularly called “Todas”.

OKI: I am curious to know about your experience in your achievement
as the Chrysolite poet of the month and you being the winner of the
CBPC 002 february edition,
AIO:I am very happy that finally, my works are gaining recognition
from fellow poets and most especially, from a ‘fused – body’ of poets;
chrysolites. I give all the glory to God.

OKI: Since when have you been writing and how did you fall in love with poetry?
AIO: I started writing from my kindergarten class #laughs. But for
poetry, it started in 2013. One heart made me fell in love with poetry
and that heart is carved in a being; Anthony Seun Solomon. I came
across one of his works and discovered that I too have inspirations
like this, but I always ignore them. So since then, I became sensitive
to inspirations and write them down. That’s all!
OKI: I love the evocative and appealing imageries couched in your
poems “Gangan” and “Twelve Grave”. How do you get the inspiration to
create this powerful poem.
AIO: Gangan! A piece from a silent study. I was reading one of Sir
Niyi Osundare’s poetry collections titled “village voices” when the
inspiration knock at my door. Both poems came when I was carefully
studying other poet’s works. I simply put it that “You can only get
better when you study other renowned poets’ work.”
OKI: Will you be able to mention a few of your favourite piece out of
all you have written?
AIO: Hmmm…. I cherish all my works. I believe in them. There is a
message behind everyone of my piece. I have no favorites just that one
maybe more poetic than the other. NO FAVORITES.

OKI: Are there any poets, contemporary or old whose works have
influenced your writing?
AIO: Many poets have influenced my writing. Many poets have helped me
so far, I will mention only few names, in no particular order, Sir
Mesioye affable Johnson, Sir Timileyin Gabriel Olajuwon, Sir Ayoola
Goodness Olarenwaju, Sir Kukogho Iruesiri Samson, Sir Ogunsanya
Enitan, Sir James Ademuyiwa… Ma’am Erah Oalind… I can’t just
forget this poet that stays on the road many hours of the day
controlling the erosion caused by cars; Sir Oriogun Oluwasegun Romeo.
Also, Sir Niyi Osundare, Ma’am Jumoke verrissimo and Sir Dami Ajayi.
These are poets am currently studying on. I’m still looking out for

OKI: Is there any difference or relationship between a spoken words
poetry and a page poetry? Do you do spoken words?
AIO:There is a vivid differences! . Page poetry is all about writing
on page whereby, a reader without full concentration will get nothing
to ponder on at the end. Spoken words poetry is written to sound
beautifully to the ear and heart. I’m not saying spoken word poetry is
a less poetic but the style is different. Spoken word poetry must be
an entertainment, where by, your listeners will follow you till the
end, when you’re performing. To make it more sweeter than honey,
addition of rhymes and rhythm goes a long way with it.
I haven’t done any spoken word, but am looking forward to indulge in
this, this present year.

OKI: Nigeria is going through hard times and her naira is falling
everyday. What is your general view on the stake of this country?
AIO: Hmmm… It is the naira that is falling and not our voices. Even
if the fishes die, the river must continue to flow. But when the
river ceases to flow, no matter how healthy the fishes maybe, they
will surely die. Our voices are still recocheting. There is hope.
Things will still change. Its just a matter of time. I believe!.

OKI: Where do you see yourself in the nearest future and in poetry carrier?
AIO: I see myself as a leader who have successfully undergone a
thorough training. I see hope surrounded by greatness.
OKI: One word for Chrysolite Team?
AIO: Promising.

OKI: Finally, what inspirational message will you like to convey to aspiring writers?
AIO: Be willing to learn, that’s the surest way to grow.

OKI: I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you, Poet
Akinbode Isreal for your valuable time and interest, for sharing this
information with the global world.
AIO: Thank you Sir. I’m indeed lifted up for this wonderful
opportunity given to me. I’m very grateful Sir.
Facebook-Akinbode Isreal.
Cellphone no.-08177067702


2 Replies to “Interview with the Poet of the Month-FEBRUARY: Akinbode Oluwatobi Israel”

  1. Akinbode Israel is a brother to me in poetry, I remember the day he told me that I can turn my Yoruba poems to English. I can see him going to great places. Keep keeping on.

    Liked by 1 person

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