My Childhood Lover by Caleb Asset (Winner- day 1 Valentine Poetry Challenge)

The birds may call to you!
The winds can whisper your name!
And the rivers reflect your beauty!
Like chrysolite, I will hold dearly to your heart
from childhood,
We plait and weave our heart in one.
On heap of sand, I build my first castle, with you as my queen.
Behind the shades, I gave you my first kiss.
There, you prepared and serve me your virginity
and in lust, I ate every piece

When I left, you gave me the tears of your bleeding heart,
Trusting I would return,
with the balm of love to bind it together.
My love, here I come!
With clays of my heart, I have built a hut.
Stay with me forever!
From the fountains of my love, I prepared a river.
Swim and bathe in its warmth.
Those tender breast, whose juicy milk kept me strong, are they firm still?
Your hips and lips, pretty in its curves, are they mine still?
The curls of your hair, filled with dandruff, do you keep them still?

Tell me not of your beauty.
In contest, the night calls to you.
But the moon and stars lost in shame.
Like gemstones, your beauty radiates above the heavens.
Under your smile, the sun hid in its eclips.
Your face, painted in the cloud of my heart,
The earth applauds in admiration.
My love, stay with me!
For this love, engrave in the sand of time, will be a midnight tale,
…….under moonlight


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