We Are Not Black (3rd place winning poem CBPC002) by Oki kehinde Julius

In heaven’s cradle, creation potter painted Our clay with the gloss of black,
Molding us into the shape of fame, reflecting the transparency of
beauty through Our complexion.
We were crafted from the beautiful stone, that birth Lucifer the
mysterious Morning Star,
With Our appearance, standing as the significance of God’s statue image on earth.

In mentality and creativity,Africans are not black,
Complexion only cheated us, for masquerading our skin with the coat that is dark.
Tales of “Black Monkeys”name that pierced Our beauty with dagger of uncertainty,
Must henceforth be blunted with this knotty appraise that “Black Is Beautiful”.

Education had been swinging its legacy, for ages on the orbit of Africa.
Religion and cultural heritage, was her empire’s breath, even before
oxygen was discovered.
Her womb conveys, great Men and Women of potentials and diversity,
Whose footprints do not leave the mother earth, without engraving on
it the symbol of impact and existence.

African colour, should never be the reason why we should be associated
with black,
For pointed nose White Men skin, are not truly white as snow.
Do not regard black African as a devil incarnate, because Satan put on
black coat,
For white Men too are not saint, because God of purity put on white
fettle cassock.

Must we threaten ourselves as an original inferior,
To white Men, who cant survive without Our mineral resources and oil.
Our endowed soil flows petroleum,bitumen all along with gold.
With banana nurturing groundnut,cocoa and Tobacco.

Africa empires are not black,
They are like a bitter kola,whose outside is black and inside is white.
Never regard us as a monkey, for we do not beg for banana from you,
We are the beautiful black creature, whose integrity is not black.


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