BACK IN TIME – Ogedengbe Tolu Impact

Back in time,
Our fathers drank directly from the streams
High up in the highlands
From the springs of the purest water.
Back in time,
Our progenitors danced at the festival
Embraced the earth with their feet
And the field grew green in their praise.
Back in time,
Our mothers laughed at the moonlight tales;
Tales on how the tortoise broke its spine
And fed the animals with lies.
Back in time,
Our heroes broke into the sea of the night
And arrived at the disputed field
To compete with the generation of antiquity.
But now, in this time,
We leave our toes in our shoes
To be gnawed at by ticklish bugs
Of an adopted culture.
We devoid the beautiful legacies
Nurtured by our ardent ancestors
And we shatter the hope of our future
By biting the tail of our culture.

Ogedengbe Tolu Impact
1st Runner-up CBPC002