Ololufe by Oki Kehinde Julius (Winner- day 3 Valentine Poetry Challenge)

the cherubum are all dead
seraphum had gone to rest
i am the new angel
ordained to look after your eden.
you’re the breathe i’ve smoke into my nose
and the weed i’ve snuff like tocco.
pardon me if i act you the movie of a drunkard
whose emotion had be hinged and cant be control
for my lips have swim through the pool of your ethanoic love
my adam had ate an apple
lucifer paralyzed and crippled
eye now opened to stare without fear
on your fettled beauty that engrave the footprints of passion
okin must doff its hat
for Your beauty that glitters like star
its royal tenure had lapse
you’re now the beauty queen of the earth
you’re the missing rib
creator stole while i’m asleep
my heart beat for joy
for I’ve found my stolen treasure
on this epoch lover’s moon felaberation
i pledge you my vow to convey you to the holy altar
where i shall bound your finger with a charming ring
and caress your lips before the chief priest
“i do” shall be the chorus of our lyrics
where we shall forever lost our way in the map of lust
i shall circumcise your virgin lips
with every bite my tongue will pierce
i shall use and useless you like a taterred rag
cahooting you till your last breath become tired.


Ife Mi by Oluwatosin Faith Kolawole (Winner- day 2 Valentine Poetry Challenge)

Ife mi,
Permit these two hearts to melt as one
Lest they die suffering in their lone world;
Leaving their carcasses on a soiled plate of forgetfulness

Let’s spare the word ‘love’
For writers, editors, readers, beings
And live it
Ife mi, let’s live love—you and I

With hands locked in unison
We’ll suture the belly of hatred
In the theatre of life
We will laugh with our nose masks down
Knowing we’ve locked up the rotten belly that oozes black flames
Ife mi, the smiles afterwards can’t be sweeter

I will walk with you down unending lanes
You’ll teach me how to thrust spears at obstacles
And I’ll feed you with lessons
On how to smile after victory
Ife mi, walking with you is life

When fingers point at us
They will result in telling tales
About the love they’ve never heard of;
The love drenched in honey,
Coated with crystals
And lined with beauty
Ife mi, we will leave their mouths ajar!

Whisper into my ears-
Words wrapped as mysteries
We know—you and I
Will unlock them someday
With hearts connected
Ife mi, no other heart can make such match

We’ve heard news about distance
It has shown its curves and pointed corners
And have its name written boldly on our succulent hearts
But before it tries to blow us off with its wind
We will strangle and remind it
Of how our bond can never be swayed by distance
Ife mi, wait a little while. Will you?

Love is cruel, sometimes bitter
It hurts.
Here, we have a flourishing love
That will be written on the sands of time
And will never be blown away
Ife mi, love is sweet between us

Love can’t be defined without us
We won’t spill the milk;
Our tiny secret will never be exposed
We will leave our lives to define
The only true definition of love
Ife mi, let’s love

When I walk down the aisle
With my gown of purity
I’ll look into your eyes only
Ife mi, what else would I say if not ‘Yes, I do’?

Darling, I love you.

Ife mi—my love

My Childhood Lover by Caleb Asset (Winner- day 1 Valentine Poetry Challenge)

The birds may call to you!
The winds can whisper your name!
And the rivers reflect your beauty!
Like chrysolite, I will hold dearly to your heart
from childhood,
We plait and weave our heart in one.
On heap of sand, I build my first castle, with you as my queen.
Behind the shades, I gave you my first kiss.
There, you prepared and serve me your virginity
and in lust, I ate every piece

When I left, you gave me the tears of your bleeding heart,
Trusting I would return,
with the balm of love to bind it together.
My love, here I come!
With clays of my heart, I have built a hut.
Stay with me forever!
From the fountains of my love, I prepared a river.
Swim and bathe in its warmth.
Those tender breast, whose juicy milk kept me strong, are they firm still?
Your hips and lips, pretty in its curves, are they mine still?
The curls of your hair, filled with dandruff, do you keep them still?

Tell me not of your beauty.
In contest, the night calls to you.
But the moon and stars lost in shame.
Like gemstones, your beauty radiates above the heavens.
Under your smile, the sun hid in its eclips.
Your face, painted in the cloud of my heart,
The earth applauds in admiration.
My love, stay with me!
For this love, engrave in the sand of time, will be a midnight tale,
…….under moonlight

We Are Not Black (3rd place winning poem CBPC002) by Oki kehinde Julius

In heaven’s cradle, creation potter painted Our clay with the gloss of black,
Molding us into the shape of fame, reflecting the transparency of
beauty through Our complexion.
We were crafted from the beautiful stone, that birth Lucifer the
mysterious Morning Star,
With Our appearance, standing as the significance of God’s statue image on earth.

In mentality and creativity,Africans are not black,
Complexion only cheated us, for masquerading our skin with the coat that is dark.
Tales of “Black Monkeys”name that pierced Our beauty with dagger of uncertainty,
Must henceforth be blunted with this knotty appraise that “Black Is Beautiful”.

Education had been swinging its legacy, for ages on the orbit of Africa.
Religion and cultural heritage, was her empire’s breath, even before
oxygen was discovered.
Her womb conveys, great Men and Women of potentials and diversity,
Whose footprints do not leave the mother earth, without engraving on
it the symbol of impact and existence.

African colour, should never be the reason why we should be associated
with black,
For pointed nose White Men skin, are not truly white as snow.
Do not regard black African as a devil incarnate, because Satan put on
black coat,
For white Men too are not saint, because God of purity put on white
fettle cassock.

Must we threaten ourselves as an original inferior,
To white Men, who cant survive without Our mineral resources and oil.
Our endowed soil flows petroleum,bitumen all along with gold.
With banana nurturing groundnut,cocoa and Tobacco.

Africa empires are not black,
They are like a bitter kola,whose outside is black and inside is white.
Never regard us as a monkey, for we do not beg for banana from you,
We are the beautiful black creature, whose integrity is not black.

BACK IN TIME – Ogedengbe Tolu Impact

Back in time,
Our fathers drank directly from the streams
High up in the highlands
From the springs of the purest water.
Back in time,
Our progenitors danced at the festival
Embraced the earth with their feet
And the field grew green in their praise.
Back in time,
Our mothers laughed at the moonlight tales;
Tales on how the tortoise broke its spine
And fed the animals with lies.
Back in time,
Our heroes broke into the sea of the night
And arrived at the disputed field
To compete with the generation of antiquity.
But now, in this time,
We leave our toes in our shoes
To be gnawed at by ticklish bugs
Of an adopted culture.
We devoid the beautiful legacies
Nurtured by our ardent ancestors
And we shatter the hope of our future
By biting the tail of our culture.

Ogedengbe Tolu Impact
1st Runner-up CBPC002

ITA ALE – Akinbode Israel

( An open night market)
The dark night walked among bats,
Birds resting their lungs after a wonderful balladry,
The calabash drooling white wine,
Slumbering trees watched, few leaves dropped.
Atupa, the Moon’s bosom friend,
Gossiping how the sun missed;
Two young hands baking love,
The cool breeze their fire.
Ita ale, a night where cowries die
For the goods the sun could not hawk,
The moon returned with a smiling tray,
All was sold.
Ita ale, our legacy,
Her leaf must never wither,
Not in this century,
Nor to come.
*Ita ale: An open market where petty goods are sold only at night.
*Atupa: Local lamp


1. Ita Ale – 92% – Akinbode Israel
2. Back in Time – 91% – Ogedengbe Tolulope Impact
3. We are not Black – 90% – Oki Kehinde Julius
4. African Roots – 89% – Ejiro Edward
5. Void – 87.5% – Micheal Oyeyemi Sui Generis
6. Who We Are – 86.5% – Teniola Olajide
7. A Simple Echelon – 85.8% – AbdAfeez AbdHamid
8. Homeland – 85.2% – Dada Samuel Oluranti
9. Sands of Time – 85% – Ogechi Veronica
10. The African Legacy – 84.2% -Kolade Olawale Kabir
The first three poems gets published on chrysolitewriterz.wordpress.com and the first two poets will receive a certificate of award at Chrysolite poetry event… All ten winning poems shall be published in a future anthology of poems.
Samuel Amazing Ayoade (Blazing Pen)
President, Chrysolite Writerz, Nigeria