MY SON by Oki Kehinde Julius

My hair is already getting married to grey,
Subsequent days,we shall observe our wedding in the grave.
My ears will no longer listen to the tales of complain,
That You’ll narrate,when fear echo your heart with pain.

Responsibility of old age,had been burdened on my shoulder,
Walking step by step with three legs will soon be over.
Perpetual illness days;that swipe away dotches are now numbered,
As ages clock tango its hands in maneuver.

My eyes are now chronically blind,
To see the treasure ambition had crave for me in life.
My feet are anxiously ready to thread on the path,
That leads to heaven where death angel will be the driver.

Carnally we shall disown one another,
Only my legacy I’ve left;to continually linger in your heart.
This ball that rolls in my court is staring at me to strike,
I’ve left it for you to score,for I’m already in my injury time.

I’ve willed you all my huge acres of land,
I beseech you to borrow me just six feet without bland.
Down deep I shall embark on a journey that has no return,
Where eternity will hold me captive,till I’ll be unable to run.

I could perceive from my weak nostril,the aroma of death,
The day,it shall finally elope me like a concubine,I can not tell.
Its warmth sting my marrow like a cold breeze,
That travels like a felt air,that are unseen.

Do not shed tears if I die,
You may only cry to bid me good bye.
Stain not my bed with the water that emits from your wailing,
You may only wet my vain body,when your eyeball is rainy.

Engrave this words of mine,into the platters of your heart,
Where disobedience and greediness wont scrub it away.
Write them with confide ink of obedience on the pages of your life,
Meditate on the lesson it taught you,night and day.

Protect my name I’ve left behind for you,
Do not join them to plant the root they called evil.
Your inherited treasure is enough to sentence your desire into the
prison of fulfillment.
Do not run at the same time,with your leg and head after women.

This epistle is not spewed to poison your heart,
It’s just a quick notice to inform you that,I’ll soon bid farewell to
this earth.
You’re henceforth,my ambassador on this third planet,
Do not damage the good image of the name,I’ve protected for years.

If reincarnation is as sure as the sun of the day
Then,one day I shall come back,to join your lineage.
Until then before the life divorce the soul,
Let me quickly tell you to start digging my hole.


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