LOVEIATOR – by Samuel Amazing Ayoade Wordiator

There is something I want to tell you
Take your seat and grab a tool
This can’t be understood by fools
Like the shadows of angels
Like shackles around the heart
Like fetters around the lungs
Your love holds me breathless
And I’m speechless
This love is dieless
You need to hear this:
I am a wordiator
You don’t need a translator
To interprete my worderations
You are the balm of moderation
That sweetens my operations
The flavour in my poemstrations
Adding colour to my translations
And a sweet savour
Did you know?
I am a poemstrator
Gladiator, loveiator and radiator
Let me pass you through my radiotherapy
I am an instructor,
Motivator, innovator, conductor and elevator
Let me take you to cloud nine
I am an importer
Exporter, reporter, transporter
Grass-cutter, helicopter
Even three-quarter
I am everything
Land in my spaceship
I’ll take you to America,
Antartica, Costa Rica and Jupiter
All for my love for you
#Poemstration 018
© Samuel Amazing Ayoade Wordiator