ever met a lady so strong and bold
who emerge from the fire shining like gold
with her conscience and integrity not sold
and sincerity of her virtue warm, not cold
she can be likened to river amazon
always flowing through all season
taking its meanders for a reason
and in the evening sun, looking brazen
she can be likened to a palm tree
standing so tall for all to see
from its seeds, palm oil for free
and its wine for drinking spree
oh! a source of blessing she is
a lady who neatly kept her integrity
and serve as a good reference for posterity
of whom i boast confidently
ara-ile and ero-ona, kindly branch here
and stand hand in hand to patiently hear
her words of wisdom with your ears
to give you direction through your years
far beautiful than the legendary oluronbi
more brave than the mythical moremi
and as pure as the biblical virgin mary
a strong, bold and virtuous lady
© Micheal Oyeyemi Sui Generis