DRY OASIS III – by Samuel Amazing Ayoade

A traveler I am on this plated universe
I traverse this red soil after the order of the wanderer
From this ‘streets’ I roam to that ‘streets of Rome’
All within the view of the strict Pilate,
In the thirst and dryness of this harmattan
I sought for a spring in the wilderness of Pergamos
At least, the Divine did promise one
Then, I saw an oasis between two hills
and these hurting feet swiftly ran towards satan’s throne
But all that was found was a spring of ‘holy dirt’
flowing from ‘the toilet of heaven.’
This thirsty me continued my travel and travail
Until I came to the beauteous decents of the Niger
Hoping to quench this thirst-drenched gut
beyond its lush green mountain and ‘stenches’
But I saw a dried flow of water
So, I stood beside its dried pit of ocean
begging a beggar for a meager drink.
I thirst!

© Samuel Amazing Ayoade (Blazing Pen)