An Open Letter to Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

#wrr #Fistofwords
Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished members of the press and fellow poets.
Permit me to stand on existing protocol.
All thanks to the Almighty GOD for making the feast a dream come true. Though, I couldn’t make it there but every fume of air I breathed thereafter announced it a huge success.
To Oga KIS, I love you and I am always challenged by your passion and sacrifice, also your administrative vigour. We thank you for bringing us together under one sky to swing shaking-spears of words, words that die to live in the heart of thorns.
You are my hero. Let the good work continue.
I will like to use this medium to make you and the entire Pressmen and the Public know that the newly founded CHRYSOLITE WRITERZ TEAM, is WRR-inspired.
You have made me work on the unknown me in me.
Therefore, I, Samuel Amazing Ayoade, on behalf of all members of, pledge allegiance today 15.12.15 to …
God Bless KIS
Long Live WRR
Samuel A. Ayoade


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