these shackles
that tangles
can strangulate.

these cattles
that jostle
can stumble
across the streets of lebanon!

these city walls we build
with hard bricks of mud
can rumble
and crumble.

these vehicles we hired
can conspire
and go on fire
against our desire
on these our ‘high wastes’!

these shackles
that tangles
can strangulate
but our ‘hero’ called them bracelets
to beautify,
and necklaces.

yet, i see shackles!
i see shackles!
could ‘baba’ be lieing?
i see shackles
that entangles
and strangulates
on this kraal
this kraal – the rock that ‘changes’!

12 December 2015
© Samuel Amazing Ayoade (Blazing Pen)