Beyond the Invisible

On this parched land
Dry bones shall live again
On this weary soil
Our soul shall sing songs of joy
The fields shall blossom and yield increase
The drought that lurked our thirst
Heavens shall send dew to quench our carvings
The years of famine
Swept by rain of abundance
Upon this land, Nigeria
On this land where justice thirst
A full measure shall be apportioned
On this land, where disguised “saviours” dwell
A chosen sceptre shall arise
His throne shall set ablaze the scents of corruption
I dream dreams
I see beyond the visible
I look not with the eyes of mortal men
For what I see is beyond the ordinary
I behold a comely future
I behold fountain of fresh streams
A land devoid of chaos and pandemonium
Where tears shall cease to be our daily meal
A land where the flag of peace shall as an emblem stand
I behold a Canaan of promise on this land, Nigeria.

© 2015
4th place winning poet (CPC-001)