A SAVIOUR IS BORN – by Oluwatosin Faith Kolawole

There is a loud noise in heaven
A prophecy has been fulfilled
And the messiah is coldly wrapped in a sulking manger
The news of his birth
Laces our hearts with edible Joy
For fulfilment, for peace.
‘The son of man is come to save that which was lost’
It rings in our ears till each word etches
Swiftly on our mEYEnds
With each breath taken
And every spittle swallowed
The rhythm sings along:
‘A saviour is born’
© Oluwatosin Faith Kolawole
A member of the Chrysolite Writerz Team and the
Day 4 winner of the


ANNO DOMINI – by Samuel Amazing Ayoade

A cry was heard in the plate.
Yes, the plate from which sheep fed
“A sheep must have put to bed.”
But a goat should bleat while a cat mews.
Yet, a woman gave birth to a lamb
He cried! Heavenlies cry too.
Nature wept the weepings of joy
And dead saints leaped with hope
down in their grave
where death held them captive
with the fetters of kirikiri
The maggi with wagging tails marched a tubular galaxy.
Six-winged birds-men too, or aliens
Toured sky-to-eart to break the news
In the Year of the Lord.
© Samuel Amazing Ayoade (Blazing Pen)
Is the founder and a Senior Officer of the Chrysolite Writerz Team and the
DAY 3 Winner of the

REBIRTH OF A KING – by Oki Kehinde Julius

Salvation born to us, a Saviour who’ll be slaughtered like Lamb,
An advocate,whose head will bear the basket, of humanity sin and crime.
Paddled down, from a blessed womb,
that voyage purity in Bethlehem,
Sent down from heaven’s cradle,
for the falling and rising of many,in Israel. .
Mary laboured for months,
the germinated seed, no one sowed,
On her beatitude patched land,
which Joseph consent age, cleared to own.
Land which Gabriel hijacked, planting on it, the vinegar vine,
Vine, which coll ripe, quenching human thirst,
with salvation wine.
Wise men stared from east,
the glittering star that looks,
From Bethlehem,
where manger birth the King of the Jew.
Gold, frankincense­ and myrrh,
pave farewell, to their wise treasury,
Falling on ground, with their knees worshipping the Messiah glory.
© OKILUX 2015
Oki Kehinde Julius is a member of the Chrysolite Writerz Team and the Day 2 winner of the

CHRIST’s BIRTH by Ugbo Onoriode (Caleb Asset)

Our feeble eyes were shut to the caress of the night
but a virgin’s cry tears them apart.
Soon, the harps and tamborine calls to us all.
It was somewhere in bethlehem.

Shepherds abadons their flocks
and on a star, the astrologers rode forth!
There, lying on a manger, we saw the infant child!
treasures dances to her own lullaby, and we kept smiling.
Yes, it is the birth of our King.

© Ugbo Onoriode
Winning Poem
Day 1

DRY OASIS III – by Samuel Amazing Ayoade

A traveler I am on this plated universe
I traverse this red soil after the order of the wanderer
From this ‘streets’ I roam to that ‘streets of Rome’
All within the view of the strict Pilate,
In the thirst and dryness of this harmattan
I sought for a spring in the wilderness of Pergamos
At least, the Divine did promise one
Then, I saw an oasis between two hills
and these hurting feet swiftly ran towards satan’s throne
But all that was found was a spring of ‘holy dirt’
flowing from ‘the toilet of heaven.’
This thirsty me continued my travel and travail
Until I came to the beauteous decents of the Niger
Hoping to quench this thirst-drenched gut
beyond its lush green mountain and ‘stenches’
But I saw a dried flow of water
So, I stood beside its dried pit of ocean
begging a beggar for a meager drink.
I thirst!

© Samuel Amazing Ayoade (Blazing Pen)

untitled by Ezeani Attirant Chucks

Man lays on hotel bed.
Fine girl leaves her house at night.
Man becomes horny on bed and dials hotel agent.
Girl walks to junction and takes taxi to inner city.
Agent leaves hotel to get one night stand for man.
Girl reaches inner city and drops from taxi.
Agent drives through inner city on a good ride.
Girl stands along the road on a skimpy skirt.
Agent sees girl, pulls over and honks.
Girl approaches ride and hops in.
Agent and girl drive to hotel.
Agent and girl stand at man’s door.
Man opens door.
Man and girl see themselves.
Man and girl freeze.
Girl is Man’s wife.

The Power of Punctuations – by Ezeani Attirant Chucks

“Let’s eat, Mother”
“Let’s eat Mother”
Notice how punctuation has transformed a kindhearted child to a cannibal?
– Ezeani Attirant Chucks