From the descent of Aseda comes three men with the mandate
Who live somewhere up above the moon.
The whole world turned mundane
And the sun lost its power at noon
When one of them was betrayed.
The world raced
Darkness fell upon the earth
Gloom washed the face of the sky
Even the stars mourned the betrayal of a priceless saint
A son whose innocence,knows no stain.
These three men made a pact
To make the one a three
And the three a one
For none was independent of the other
They house each another
Like a shell, a yolk and an albumen
Lke water,
And steam and ice,
Spirit, soul in a body.
In the thrilling three
Love and unity, a bond-age around them
In partnership, these men shake the pillars of the earth
United in one purpose
Their existence,a mystery
An unsolved puzzle to mankind.
But will this triune lose its tune?
As the spirit clamours for freedom
From it’s soul and body
Which held it sturdy
We birth and we die
But God is in Nigeria.
© 2015
Samuel Amazing Ayoade
& Ogechi Veronica Ukwu


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