I want to be a human,
To marry a woman,
Mold me into a man,
Said this chimpanzee.

I will mold you into one,
A very beautiful one,
Just be a patient son,
Said the Most High.

In seven days…just seven!
I will mold you straight like eleven,
That voice came from heaven,
Stay indoor till the seventh.

On day six, A king came,
Throughout the land travelled his name,
All attended, even the lame,
The chimpanzee peeped from above and saw.

I will join the dance!
This is my chance
To view earth’s expanse!
He took the back door.

He danced and drank to stupor,
Lyrics began to pour,
Too much alcohol,
“I will become a human tomorrow”!

Men and women heard his song,
So loud like a strike on a gong,
Their annoyance grew strong,
They beat him up to a pulp.

He forgot his way home,
All he did was roam,
His dreams died like foam,
He became half human.

The impatient chimpanzee.


©Todas 2015.
All rights reserved.


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