THE BLOODY SLATE – by Ogechi Veronica Ukwu

The ravaging storms
Clasps of thunder
Awakes the sleeping future
How can this be?
The future seems bleak and blurry
Unsheath your swords, amputate the future
Take up your guns
Draw the line
To the battle front, we march
Fight for the rights of all the seeming wrongs
Throw the bombshell
Wheel down your carts,wash your hands in the bloodly stream
Is this you?
Dresses in red regalia?
Armed to the teeth?
I was told you have bright linings
Glittering on the face of the sky
Tell me
Do scarcity affect you too?
Do you also diminish in value?
Where are you hidden?
In bloody combat,
Away in the warfront
Where bullets are traded in barter
Where is your strength?
The blood of men who go down the deep as matyrs?
From the upperground, I smell chaos
Goodbye, my beloved said,
I shall return to thee
I waited in vanity
Fertilizer,the body of my beloved became.
© Ogechi Veronica Ukwu, 2015