BIAFRA WE PRAY by Samuel Amazing Ayoade

I slept and had a dream
In my dream I dreamt
Of woe, the ancestors sound’d the cry

I slept and saw the ancestors
In white suites laced with cowries
Odumegwu claims the chieftaincy
Let there be Biafra we pray

My eye went heavy with tears
When it heard the cry of my fears
Sing the cries and cry the songs
For the doom of our million-worth home

Tell me of the long lost love
And tales of the weird kingmaker
And I’ll tell you the reason why-
Our ‘eternal’ abode sinks deep.

Let the death of hunger-maimed children
And the blood of sleeping heroes
Not be in vain’s vein

Biafra we pray

Let preys prey on other preys no more
Let there be Biafra we pray
Let Ojukwu’s roaming spirit whistle no more –
the whistle of war
On Indigbo’s wildest wilderness

Let this muse stammer no more
Let there be Biafra we pray.

© Samuel Amazing Ayoade (Blazing Pen)