BIAFRA by Priscillia Ugwu

Biafra! The name that sends shivers down every spine.
Are you the mortal man that challenges the gods to a combat?
Are you the reason the ancients are sobbing?
And the dead still turns in their grave
At the mention of your dreadful name?
The wailing in the abode of the spirit,
Is that not you, Biafra?
I heard you sent sucklings to war,
Toddlers you hid in your uniform,
And teenagers, guns and bombs, you gave.
The blood bath of the innocents,
The dangerous lightening that races from one end of the sky to the other in a twinkle.
Is that not also you?
I heard so many evils about you,
Are you the sporadic shots of millitants,
that boomed ceaselessly like thunder across the sky?
Does your name not set the heart of the mighty in tremor?
Are you the evil that accompanies the soundless footsteps of death?
Daylight you turned into darkness,
I was also told!
Vengeance looms and the stench of decayed blood pervades the atmosphere.
Biafra, is that you?

© Priscillia Ugwu