The Nigeria of my Dreams 2

The Nigeria of my dreams reminds me of what tomorrow would be;
Tells me I have hope in the warped nation
I can find purity in whores
And our tainted whites can be without blemish
Sparkling; white as snow
The Nigeria of my dreams is pure
They say dreams fade
But these dreams in me will fade to live and live never to fade
I see light beaming at the end of these struggles
Because there’s a God that keeps watch on us
Nigeria has a place in God’s heart
The Nigeria of my dreams chooses to live;
Chooses peace as home and love to nurture;
Happiness to nourish her well-being
She chooses to remain Ni-ge-ri-a; the pride of the world.
Celebrating 55th anniversary
©Oluwatosin Faith Kolawole

Source: The Nigeria of my dreams 2