From the descent of Aseda comes three men with the mandate
Who live somewhere up above the moon.
The whole world turned mundane
And the sun lost its power at noon
When one of them was betrayed.
The world raced
Darkness fell upon the earth
Gloom washed the face of the sky
Even the stars mourned the betrayal of a priceless saint
A son whose innocence,knows no stain.
These three men made a pact
To make the one a three
And the three a one
For none was independent of the other
They house each another
Like a shell, a yolk and an albumen
Lke water,
And steam and ice,
Spirit, soul in a body.
In the thrilling three
Love and unity, a bond-age around them
In partnership, these men shake the pillars of the earth
United in one purpose
Their existence,a mystery
An unsolved puzzle to mankind.
But will this triune lose its tune?
As the spirit clamours for freedom
From it’s soul and body
Which held it sturdy
We birth and we die
But God is in Nigeria.
© 2015
Samuel Amazing Ayoade
& Ogechi Veronica Ukwu



I want to be a human,
To marry a woman,
Mold me into a man,
Said this chimpanzee.

I will mold you into one,
A very beautiful one,
Just be a patient son,
Said the Most High.

In seven days…just seven!
I will mold you straight like eleven,
That voice came from heaven,
Stay indoor till the seventh.

On day six, A king came,
Throughout the land travelled his name,
All attended, even the lame,
The chimpanzee peeped from above and saw.

I will join the dance!
This is my chance
To view earth’s expanse!
He took the back door.

He danced and drank to stupor,
Lyrics began to pour,
Too much alcohol,
“I will become a human tomorrow”!

Men and women heard his song,
So loud like a strike on a gong,
Their annoyance grew strong,
They beat him up to a pulp.

He forgot his way home,
All he did was roam,
His dreams died like foam,
He became half human.

The impatient chimpanzee.


©Todas 2015.
All rights reserved.

LIMPOPO – by Samuel Amazing Ayoade

Limp o limp, Limpopo
Stop the downward flow
Limp o limp, Limpopo
Take the upward motion
Limp o limp, Limpopo
Towards the paths on which the sun refused to glow
Limp o limp, Limpopo.
Come water this dry nation.

© Samuel Amazing Ayoade (Blazing Pen), 2015

THE BLOODY SLATE – by Ogechi Veronica Ukwu

The ravaging storms
Clasps of thunder
Awakes the sleeping future
How can this be?
The future seems bleak and blurry
Unsheath your swords, amputate the future
Take up your guns
Draw the line
To the battle front, we march
Fight for the rights of all the seeming wrongs
Throw the bombshell
Wheel down your carts,wash your hands in the bloodly stream
Is this you?
Dresses in red regalia?
Armed to the teeth?
I was told you have bright linings
Glittering on the face of the sky
Tell me
Do scarcity affect you too?
Do you also diminish in value?
Where are you hidden?
In bloody combat,
Away in the warfront
Where bullets are traded in barter
Where is your strength?
The blood of men who go down the deep as matyrs?
From the upperground, I smell chaos
Goodbye, my beloved said,
I shall return to thee
I waited in vanity
Fertilizer,the body of my beloved became.
© Ogechi Veronica Ukwu, 2015

PIERCED – by Ogechi Veronica and Samuel Amazing Ayoade

U sold to me
Painted lies
Across the river of love
U sow’d a bed of coloured hopes
Tell me
Why do u find pleasure painting gloomy hopes?

And u said
I shall forever glow in your heart
More than the burning sun heats planet earth
My love shall heat your heart
A fiery dart

My tears flow to flooded streams
My heart bleeds
I taste the agony of love
In this memory lane
I remember a tale of yesteryears
When u promised me heavens

My heart bleeds
My soul weeps
A poisoned arrow
U have thrust
In the marrow of my trust

A piercing dagger
U have thrown
Like a smashed snail drowns
In it’s own flood,
I stagger
In this pool
Of brokeness
Secured through void hope

U turned the tables
U rolled the wheels
Today I stand transfixed
Watching helplessly
As our boat sail away
To distant lands

Sound the gong
Gather the people
Sing unto my soul
A sorrowful dirge

Drain’d and disdained
Drawn from life
Into lies
By ties
I thought were right
I die the death of love
Let love sing a new mirth
Raising me from this death

HOW TO WRITE A BAD POEM by Stefn Da-Pengician

Use lots of adjectives instead of verbs.
Batter SPLASHED all over the cat
Batter went all over the fluffy cat.

Write your poem in total isolation.
Don’t read contemporary poetry–after all–you don’t want to be influenced, even by the greats.

Don’t revise. Don’t bring the poem to a class, or critique group, or ask a friend. Who cares what anyone thinks, it is your poem.

Don’t read the poem aloud to see if it is finished and well rhymed. Why disturb your napping cat?

Ignore the craft of poetry–feelings don’t need images or metaphors.

Use a hackneyed one word title like “Death” or “Autumn.”

© Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

HORSES AND SOLES by Samuel Amazing Ayoade

You are white, so you ride on white horses,
But I am black, so, I am entitled to trek only on black soles.
But be reminded
That your white horse has got not soul
But my own justice-denied black sole has got living soul.
So, you risk your life and soul on the sole of a soul-less horse
While I live on my discredited black soles which have got living soul.
Call me justice, for that’s who I am
To bring equity, between horses and soles.
Remember and be informed also
That this ember called racism
Shall soon eat up your members,
For your white horses also have black hoofs,
Yes, black soles,
And black eye pupil.
I was told your blood too is not white,
Neither that of your horse.
And I also have a red blood
That heats your winter’s cold.
Your horse is an hoax
And my sole is my soul.
Call me justice, for that’s who I am
To bring equity between horses and soles.