Freedom in Chains by Ogechi Veronica

I watched in perpetual dismay
As the world goes by
The treasured treasure
Highly esteemed
The lamp of truth
An ancient trend
Upheld in the pinnacle of the mountain
The esteemed values
A bunch of alluring norms
Today, changed in history
Ah! It’s the new world order
A modern world
I heard them say,
It’s Civi-culture
The abhored abomination
A dance of soul indoctrination
And they said,
What more is freedom than this?
Who can trample on freedom?
Who can contend against it?
He made them
Man and woman
In our hands, lies creativity
Style the old trend
Mould the world to our taste
Liberty,all the way
Weep O’ye daughters of Jerusalem
Weep, the land is defiled
Weep aloud
For the worms of decay
Behold, a fool’s wisdom
A freedom in chains
Weep for the ignorance of man.